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Turbo Power Systems, Inc.
Our separate divisions allow a unique diversity to handle all
frame size units without sacrificing individual knowledge.  

In-house capabilities also allow the reclaiming and or salvaging
of turbocharger components, which may have been damaged
during operation.

As you can see no job is too small or too large for our
experience team of turbo specialists.

Once Turbo Power Systems has receive the unit the attention
and dedication to detail is impeccable and unmatched by
our competition.  Our team of specialists follow a precise set of
procedures designed by our founder back in 1978.

All large bore jobs are checked in and given a unique serial
number created specifically for the individual turbocharger.  This
unique number is a combination of letters and numbers and
allows our team, at anytime, to track the progress of the unit.  

All paperwork is processed with the identifying number and once
the job is complete, information pertaining to the serial number
is stored in a corresponding folder.  If by chance the unit is
received into our facility again, even 7 years down the road, our
team will recognize the unique serial number assigned by Turbo
Power Systems and be able to retrieve all previous paperwork.

Photos of the unit will be taken with each step of our procedures
and a customized portfolio will be made for our customer.  
Photo cards with the identifying serial number are placed on the
unit during the photos to identify the turbocharger.  

A customized portfolio consists of:

  • Photos that track the customer's unit from receiving and    
    inspection to  packaging into a custom wooden crate for    

  • "Damage Analysis"- this is a complete disassembly of the

  • "Major Repair Parts" list

  • "Specification" page

  • "Balance Report"

The customized portfolio is packaged in a sturdy report type
binder and mailed at no cost to the customer.  Turbo Power
systems feels this is a unique and handy way to view the damage
and repairs to a unit and is designed to be filed away for easy
storage and retrieval if needed.  

Check out some of our work!!

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TPS57 Caterpillar
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BC370 Elliott
ET11 Cooper
H351 Elliott
H588 Elliott
H781 Elliott
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